A bit of what I think Schizophrenia is

its got to do with a sort of vibe, radiance color and form and there. You being the one like this being there. You learn it the schizophrenia. I think you have a better chance to get a cure if you notice when it starts and take measures then. So Schizophrenia its like this, when I was reading I noticed I’d pick up words from the sentence below it and say them say words out loud when I’d continue reading above, reading in the way of the words of the sentence, I was reading but then it gets so much bigger. The more you trip the more you change. Also, the more you hear a voice(s) the harder it is to get rid of it. For auditory noises you pick up like white noise in the air and what other people may be saying in say…the next room or behind you. Well the noise is ultimately re-made anyways because basic human anatomy says we re-create the noises in our environment so your hearing a double anyways saying it I think, saying the voices, I think we elude to the fact its us making the noise for us in the first place we are 100 percent making this up. You’ll always notice the noise is close and far away, it. Like the ways I put that last sentence, it, you repeat what you hear naturally the noise, whether scream or not is put in the environment that is real. So it’d be hard to decipher all it. Try this, if you think in the long run a person’ in your head, is saying everything you heard to another, in your head with feelings, you want to know what it’s impact on the first thing the guy will react to. The one being told it, the voices, ok. Say what you hear when you hear them. To be sure its your voice. Well if you do this you’ll notice the air around the two gets thicker, one impression the person being told it, will there be more? All of it you got to include all of the voices from beginning to end. segments if you will. Saying it to one. well that would bring up a new plan that doesn’t seem to be clear. to either one of them. Just repeat what you heard like I said and you should notice the workings doesn’t work. You should also notice that its you creating it like I said earlier then you can calmly say I will be myself or I know now I wouldn’t. They can be there, their. It’s like a close emotion to ourselves schizophrenia. Heightened states of emotion all the time. People who aren’t with sz or don’t have it. will sometimes think homicidal thoughts. You got to be in the know of it. Imagine people on a ridge, One might say I’m thinking knock Jerry off…People get a big feeling here. A sorta vibe. When it is there it can hurt. See we experience this a lot more than average people but there is hope. Know that it is just a feeling you have the power. Know its a voice and then live it out. By knowing what is the voice, you can know it isn’t anything else…Repeat what you heard to another one who’d receive it, being received if you heard it, you should notice a spike, a spike in the air, in the tone, it all seems. Its just too obvious what I’m noticing that if you were to see the image after I put the voice in a zone with another. Hearing it seems to just change everything in any direction it may have been going. So knowing this you can overcome the voices. As for Hallucinations, I think it may have to be something with your eyes changing, like when a person loses vision like me you’ll notice something shiny in your eye. spreading. When I thought I saw a spider In my window it didn’t look like a natural spider in this hallucination I had sorta had control. I saw it spaz out till it disappeared. Although seeing my brother in my room and what he said I thought was real a 99% I say 99 because there was an atmosphere of something. It wasn’t like a person was actually there. This one surprisingly just disappeared after I closed my eyes for a sec. After I saw he was gone I was unsure. When I asked him later why he said he didn’t know anything about it. So I am 100 percent sure now its an illusion. I think so…so tell me what it is to you…Id love to hear. This is just my story

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Hang in there. maybe the hallucinations will start to ease and fade.

It is good that you know that hallucinations are fake.

Your wanting to know if what you saw was a hallucination, i dont know for certain. It is only my opinion that it was hallucination.

I have many auditory hallucinations. while reading, i found there were people, doctors and such, who though auditory hallucinations were being faked if the person’s description did not sound right.

Now, i know that is not true. People do have different kinds of auditory hallucinations.

So i also read that visual hallucinations do not go away because of closes eyes. Well, why not? if they were wrong about there being only 1 or 2 kinds of auditory. They could be wrong about the visual hallucinations too.

This is why i say yes. If closing your eyes stops them, then keep doing that.

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yes I’m beginning to see that

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I think we’re all different but we experience similar things

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Dude/dudette - wall of text @Gyropew1.

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