A bit of a war story thread... sorry Malvok

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After our house fire… I was so scrambled about fire safety and kidnappers and other problems that I turned my Dad’s tool shed into a bunker. I had a mattress on a stand made out of cinder blocks and plywood. I had stored up food, I had boxes for my sis to hide in… I disguised them as christmas ornament boxes… because who would look in a box of old christmas stuff.

This started to alarm my parents… but then they got my Aunt’s old 1950’s airstream trailer… (the silver twinkie) and I made that into a bunker. That was when I ended up with my PTSD label.


Nothing wrong with a bunker / T shelter / bomb shelter…

10 X 6 with small fireplace, partly underground… solid 8" thick concrete walls with steel rebar…


When I was younger, we lived in a house that was over 100 years old. It wasn’t in the best shape, so we tore it down and built a new house behind it.

This was in 2000, just as paranoia about y2k was surfacing. So my brother used pieces from our old house to build a guest house on our property. Under it, he built a secret shelter that had all sorts of survival gear. And he started amassing a ton of food in preparation for y2k.

Well, y2k came and went, but the secret shelter is still there. And he STILL periodically stocks more food there.

I kind of like it. It makes me feel safe for my family.




at least you had a plan, your the ’ bear grylls ’ of seatle !?!
take care

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When I owned a television a show called Jericho came on. 23 nuclear attacks happened in cities across the USA. :tv:

Next day I bought bottled water+ a hand cranked radio from the Red Cross.

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That reminds me of the show Doomsday Preppers. It’s a series that observes real people who are preparing for various end-of-the-world scenarios.

Many of them have gone to extreme lengths to prepare. Such as selling all of their worldly belongings and moving to underground bunkers in remote wilderness areas.

The show started making me paranoid, as the people had very radical ideas of different apocalypses. I stopped watching it lol.




I remember that show and we got rid of the TV shortly after it came on so never saw too many of them.

People have been storing food, building shelters and hoarding survival equipment for decades. Y2K came and went, 12/21/12 came and went…it’s still a good idea to have the supplies because you never know when something might happen. Here I even have to deal with less severe phenomenon such as being snowed in for 5 days strait or the roads being washed out for a couple days from torrential rains.
I had something like this last year, in places worse, and only 4 wheel drive trucks could get in and out…cars…forget it…


My twitter feed reported toxic algae in Toledo,Ohio+Monroe,MI. Water supply was turned off. People from Ohio are driving to Ann Arbor,MI just to get bottled water. :potable_water:

Red Cross volunteers have been called in. :potable_water:

Heads up for people on this forum that live in the area.