A better alterntive to beating myself is

To say “I give up.” There were times when my parents were so difficult that that would have made a better way.

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Whenever I want to hurt myself God tells me to accept that I’m feeling that way, and then to let it go. So I do that. He was very logical about it. He said it wasn’t going to solve any of my problems, and if so many other things were already hurting me it wouldn’t do any good to hurt myself as well! Very true in my opinion.

Just another reason why God is so important in my life.

The problem with that is that I was already numb.

Oh. Well you have different motive then. I always want to hurt myself due to extreme frustration, like I feel so helpless towards attacking my problems so I want to attack myself just so I don’t feel so powerless. But it’s counterproductive.

I guess even if your numb it’s really still not helpful to hurt yourself in any situation. Harming the body won’t help to heal the soul. Maybe it will serve as a distraction or temporary comfort, but it won’t get to the root of the problem.

The idea of becoming gentle with myself had never occurred to me. I was fighting force with force. It was scary to say “I give up” because I thought being the winner was the only way to survive. I really felt I had no help.

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You could either be your biggest supporter or your biggest enemy. It’s your choice.

It’s really better to work with yourself than against, I’ve found. Always be gentle, kind, and forgiving to yourself.

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