A beautiful sunset outside

Ya got any sunsets?


I live on the north pole. 24 hour sun. No sunrise or sunset. Jk :joy:. It’s a spectacular pic Wallafish

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Yea i miss SA, you still in EC Im in Nam now. The sunsets are wild here wow

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I’m still in WP. How’s “Nam”? Have you been able to make friends yet?

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I always still think its in EC even though i actually lived down that side haha.

Yea its good. Very similar to SA actually, just lots of hunters haha ! People are also nice here so all good !

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Namibia has very friendly people. Lots of German speaking people. My uncle used to live in Tsumeb. I was 9 years old when we visited them there. We also visited Etosha. Lots of Elephants.

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