A bad week turned into an okay week due to enlisting family support

Earlier this week I had a Tardive Dyskinesia scare. I still have the symptoms, but I’m not feeling as upset and overwhelmed about it. I was really depressed, especially after looking at TD videos on Youtube. I didn’t want to end up like the toothless wrinkly people on the Youtube. Now I’ve come to terms with my symptoms after contacting my p. doctor and having my dad come with me to my appointment next Thursday. When faced with these tough times you have to reach out to others, even though that is sometimes counter intuitive for us SZ’s. Another thing that helped is that I just continued on with my normal activities: I walked, went to the movies, and kept up with my chores.

I hope this helps others who face similar trials.


I wish you well with what you are going through @metime.

Support from family is sometimes what we need - Best of luck with Everything! :sunny::rainbow:

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Thank you! :smile:

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*Sometimes your support people are dying to help, but dont know how.* Its a wonderful thing when you finally reach out, and someone grabs your hand!


I’m sorry your having the T.D. hit you. I hope with a med adjustment… and some help from your family it will go away.

It’s hard to ask for help. Congratulations on taking that hard first step.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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