A baby bird can't fly to its mother

Mothers have to be initiators.

If my mum didn’t trigger me I’d be the initiator, now as I’m an adult and can fly. But her regular way of talking really triggers back awful feelings of when I could hear her in my psychosis. Not sure how to deal with that

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I stopped talking to my mom. I felt like I was deceiving her into believing I still existed. But now I see that is an irrational thought. I’ve gotten better, but she and I have no boundaries and I am unaware of how I treat her. And she has the same problem. I’m tired of the guilt.

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@PinCushion hello !! what are you doing up so late?

because I can…

oh let’s have a chat…are you eating good? were you affected by the latest arctic front? and I’m glad you are getting your covid shots !!

Yes, I am eating very well. The provider is a gourmet cook. The cold didn’t cramp our style any. I am well. I’m wearing a new dress. It’s very comfortable and easier to put on than pants. Just slip it over my head and I’m dressed!


oh you lucky girls with your slip on dresses…I am glad I’m a man ofcourse…haha

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I’ve talked to my mom twice recently. We got along perfectly. There’s no shame in relying on your mom, especially if you know few people. I don’t live with her, and I don’t get credit for getting out, someone did it for me. I live in an efficiency apartment in a very nice neighborhood, but there are plenty of group homes available for people with mental illnesses. It could be a lifesaver.

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