A 62-year-old man keep providing basic services to his 38-year-old son

That’s my father and I.

Besides basic goods which is one of basic necessity, my life is totally depending on my father in paying for basic services such as the Internet, mobile phone prepaid credit and monthly fee for staying at rehab center.

I was well educated as a child. I was a faithful servant of God. --these are things of the past.


Im in the same boat myself (regards to being financially supported) except its both my father and my mother who support me. What you say about being a faithful servant of God, in the past, that concerns me. Im sure youre a god person, hopefully you can be still a faithful servant of God.

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Thank you for sharing yours with me. We are just helpless when comes to financial independence.

I feel that my inner person has disappeared. Love and every essential spiritual qualities are simply gone. Probably because of insecurity living in this world, the shield prevents me to gain inner understanding.

I appreciate your comments, karl.

You can still had your chance to shine,your just 38,only lived half your life,there is still other half

I respect that you are a spiritual person(person who is religious),God will treat you better and pray hard for yourself and your love ones

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Thanks a lot, Mobc1990.

I hope I didn’t attract too much attention. No place to hide. :confounded:

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You, sir are a lucky man. My father doesn’t accept my illness let alone understand it. We don’t speak anymore and it’s a painful way to lose your family members.

Don’t give up, Plumber. Your dad won’t either!

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This could be a result of medicine side effects.

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You will get all that back, Plumber. I feel (very worn and beaten) sometimes too. A lot of my family and friends don’t understand what I go through, I hope we can keep helping eachother.

Me too my dear friend; I live with my parents so they have been my main support during the last 18 years.

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I live with my parents too, they support me a lot, my mom and dad dont work, they get ssi benefits, i am the only one working, i take care of my bills, i need a wife so that she will support me in cooking and cleaning the house :smile::smile: