99 red potatoes

1 potato
2 potato
Red potato
Blue potato
This potato has a star
That potato came from afar
Oh how wonderful these potatos are
This potato lives in a sock
Those potatos love to box
Have you seen a potato thats green
Have you run into a potato thats mean
Some potatoes love the sauna
The little potatoes miss their momma
Have you seen a potato drive a car
Have you been introduced to a potato named lamar
Oh how wonderful all these potatoes are

Channelled my inner dr sues potato style its been a couple days since our last potato post hope it inspires more potato sues rhymes…


I was thinking you got this from a Dr Seuss book before I even got halfway through it. Dr Seuss rules!

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I agree although his rhymes are very simplistic his imagination more than made up for it.

I once ate four potatoes in one day. So take that Dr. Sues, and keep you’re Sneeches off of my lawn, I’m tired of picking their crap up every day.

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For some reason this line immediately made me think of @mjseu
You know how much the Finns enjoy their saunas :smile:

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What about an easter egg hunt but with potatoes. What if the easter bunny dropped potatoes off instead. Not choclate potatoes. Actual potatoes. Woyldnt that be amazing :smile:

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Since rabbits dont actually lay eggs we could make it the easter werewolf that lays potatoes lol

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99 luftballons …


Im glad ypu got the titles reference…i think it should be redone in icelandic to be 99 red potatoes…