920 calories a day TW

I’ve been consuming about 920 calories for a couple of days now.
I know that’s not enough but this all my stomach can really handle right now.

I’ve been counting my calories and have been on a low fat diet.

No beef, no high fat dairy, no fat filled foods in general.

I think I’m going to force myself to eat something more tonight.

This can’t be good.


Maybe eat more fatty/caloric food if you have trouble eating.

I may have gallstones and have to stay away from fatty foods or I’ll experience stomach discomfort.
My doctor is convinced it’s a gallbladder issue.

I have to go in for a GB ultrasound.

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I hope it is only temporary then.

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No unfortunately unless you have surgery for your gallbladder it’s a long term issue.

I plan on seeing a nutritionist that specializes in digestive and metabolic health problems.

She’s an MD

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Can you drink protein shakes in the meantime? You could drink Ensure Plus for the calories and vitamins


Yeah I can ask my nutritionist when I see her.
Sound possible.


Thanks @Pianogal @zeno


Ensure Plus now has 16 grams of protein instead of 13 like before so it may help you feel full too

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Yeah, from whatever I’ve read, that is not near enough to survive on for any length of time. If you are doing it on purpose to lose weight I would say that’s not a sustainable, healthy amount of calories to live on for a length of time.

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That’s counter-intuitive, but gallstones AFAIK are often caused by low fat diet. For bile to flow you require fat in the diet. Otherwise the lack of bile flow can cause stones to form.

One more reason to look into the demonization of all dietary fat as just that.

I’m allowing for some good fats.

Gallstones are treated by going on a low fat diet.

Fatty meals can aggravate the sick gallbladder.

I was like that for a few days. Lost weight. It also really wore me down. I hops you will be able to eat soon.

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Thanks @laetitia

Sure, I was just talking about how sometimes the stones form. When my relative had theirs, that’s what was explained to her by a surgeon.

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