90-Pound Schizophrenic Subdued By Police, Then Killed

Just shaking my head right now, and my heart goes out to this kids family. Just sucks…


This story was posted earlier (yesterday, I think) - here (see below).

THe News forum was really for News on new treatments - not the sad and unfortunate things that happen on a daily basis.

Do people want to see these in the News forum - or should we have another forum for these types of stories? Your thoughts?

Back in the day the shaman would bust our heads open to let them out.

The romans just gave us the boot into the wilderness for awhile.

We’ve even been burned as witches.

Now alot of us just wander the streets until we’re dead.

It’s never been a good place for us really.


I agree…

I don’t like to see these kinds of stories because it disturbs me. IMO there should be a separate section on “advocacy or mental health rights” where these stories should be put.

Yeah I know that’s really my bad for posting this. Won’t get anything like this in the future from me.