8mg respiradal per day

I am on 8mg of respirdal and still hear voices nearly every day does anyone else take this high of dose of medication and still hear voices, also i take 2 mg xanax per day which helps carm me down when feeling really agitated

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i dont hear voices but loads of negative symptoms…i am like dead alive…

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have you been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia?

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hearing voice is certainly sz…

@far_cry0 , have you been diagnosed?

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i am self dx…szaff

The diagnosed forum is for people who have been diagnosed I think. It doesn’t sound like you have been diagnosed.

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bro the forum is for diagnosed person who are likely to have sz… fine
dont make me sweat… u nearly scared me out from nowhere …
are u going to punish me 4 that…lol…
take care…

I’m just talking about the ‘diagnosed’ section, not the whole forum. I’m just explaining the rules in case you end up getting suspended or banned.

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u dont worry about me i am okay…

Hi sorry if I have offended anyone - new to this and yes diagnosed with schizophrenia but these meds don’t stop voices and I have been on as high as 14 mg and still it didn’t help was just wanting to know if anyone else was on this med - I’ve been on others but didn’t help and have been on this for about 5 years if not more - thanks for replying not real sure if I have done anything wrong and if so sorry

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@tazma1 , you haven’t done anything wrong. Sorry your thread got a bit sidetracked.

Ok that’s fine - thanks wasn’t sure who I had upset - haven’t had any answers re medications - not sure which country u r both in probably not Australia - overseas seem to have different meds.

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I was on 140 mgs of latuda, 234mgs of invega sustenna and 18 mgs of invega pills and still experienced symptoms.

The 3 meds u mention I have not heard about here - will look them up - have u ever been on respirdal and if so do the ones u r on now help more?

I don’t hear voices and I’m not on respiradal, but unfortunately meds are trial and error. A med that works for one person won’t work for another. There’s a medication that literally nearly killed me, and lots of people here find it good.

There was a poll here recently and respiradal and abilify were the most popular I think. But that means nothing. It’s all personal trial and error unfortunately.

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i’ve been on risperidal or risperidone three times. The first time i was on it i just had left the hospital. It worked but i moved and relapsed so the next doctor put me on a high dose about 8mgs but i was so tired all the time. A year later i moved again and had a new doctor. He put me the original dose of risperidal but it didn’t help me anymore.

I’m on haloperidol 10mgs and back on latuda but 160mgs.

I’ve been on Risperdal for 10 years with a few intermittent experiences with other antipsychotics, none of them for more than 2 months and yes i still hear voices and have so called hallucinations. I have been told by Dr.'s that with the right prescription i don’t have to hear voices but that has turned out to be false for me. The Dr.'s i’ve seen have also said that a lot of trial and error is involved in finding the right antipsychotic and dosage that will work best for each of us. I would suggest you go to the original sz.com home page and checkout the medications forum you’ll get a better response there and you can read what has and has not worked for others on this site.

Hey there. Risperdal takes care of it for me mostly. Have you talked to your doctor about trying other medications? Olanzapine works pretty fast. I hope you find relief soon!

Voices aren’t my major thing but I remember being floridly delusional on 8mg of respiradone. So I think people can be symptomatic on high doses of that drug.

In my experience there is more joy from finding the right med for you. For instance a low dose of depixol does far more for me than 8mg respiradone - everyone is different. Unfortunately finding the right med can take both luck and time. Not sure if this helps.