!#! 8(((Re-L8-Sh-Ships)))* !#!

Moral Emotional Relationship Ending

First Rule 1.) Be Kind To Each Other .
Second Rule 2.) If Something Bothers You , Talk About It , TALK Thaz All .
Third Rule 3.) If You Have Your Eye’s On Someone Else , It Is Time To Recollect Your Relationship Thots .
Fourth Rule (3rd Rule Continuation) 4.) Backstabbing For Whatever Reason Is Not Allowed .
Fifth Rule (3/4 Rule Continuation) 5.) If You Feel The Need To Start A New “fun” Relationship With Your Current ,
Then It Is T(Y)me For Tha First Rule Awakening , and End It With Rule 1 and 2 .

Moral Emotional Relationship Ending

Last Rule 6.) Make It Your Own , Not In Order To hurt Anyone outside OR Within Your Blue Bubble , But To Fynde and Hold Tite To Freedom You Already Should Have , Jus Know That Being " alone " Sometimes Can Be Pretty Cool , and As Have Been Said A Trillion T(Y)me$ ,

" The Grass Is Greener On The Other Side ." - (________) ,

and Jus Realize That Sometimes They Feel Tha Same Way Looking Over Into Your Yard ,

Rule 7 .) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


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Side Note

Explanation Proclamation

1.) Being Yourself Is Not Illegal
2.) As Was Once Said If You Are Chatting Late At Nite Keep It Quiet , There Mite Be Some Dinosaurs Sleeping

3.) Jealousy Can Hurt So Please Be Kind and …

Florid like a garden in May


Hi sleep ,
What gives you your unique writing style
Is this something you consciously do. Where do you get it from

Gracias I Suppose “mortimermouse” ,

Hello “meteor” ,

I Also Suppose I Should Say ,

Thus Personal Individual Grafeetee (((Style))) Of Typing/Electronic/Etching Comes From A Place Of Time Alone Perhaps ,

I Suppose I Could Say To You OR Ask ,

" Why Does Your Voice Sound Tha Way It Does (???) " ,

In Short ,

Tis Me , Within Electricity ,

Without Tha Pain Of Course .

Are you a fluent English speaker.

A B C ,

There Ya Go . ,

I Suppose … .

Slightly De-Railed ,

Jus Slightly ,

Hmm … … …

Mmmm , I’ll take that as a no :smile:
What part of the world do you come from?

You Serrrus Rizite Now (???)

Yeah , I am serious

If its a creative writing style you have; fair enough or if your not a fluent English speaker; fair enough

Currently I dont how to read your posts. Maybe people would engage with you more if they knew a bit more why you write in this way.

Anyway don’t stress , good luck

Honestly (good songgG) - (by) - (tha) - (way) ,

But Honestly Thus Is How I Press Tha Keys ,

Lyke Thus ,

A …



You See , My Writing (((Style))) Is Mine (I Suppose) ,

and My Own ,

and As I Said To You Sarcastically ,



C… ,

Should Have Bun Tha Ending ,

and No I Am Not Stressed Out ,

Slightly Bored and Awaiting Tha Sun To Dawn Flame Rize (!!!) ,

But Ta Read My Words/Sentences ,

Jus Read Em Yo … .

OK dude not bothering you no more. Anyway, all the best

Rite Back Atcha .