8 months sober

It has been over 8 months since I have drunk any alcohol , I used to drink every day for over 20 years to put me unconscious so I could get to sleep at night, because my brain didn’t let me sleep because the obsessive thoughts in my head were intolerable.
I am taking 50mg Chlorpromazine, 25mg Fluvoxamine and 20mg Paroxetine which works very well for me.
I also find taking a cheap vitamin B-complex tablet in the morning helps with the fatigue and tiredness caused by the medication.
I would like my wife to let me have 4 cans of cider once a week, because alcohol makes me happy, but she has not let me have any yet because she thinks that I will want it every day.


stay away from alcohol. you 're doing fine.


She’s correct. Congratulations on 8 months sober. That a big deal. Well done ! :sunny:


Congrats on 8 months! That’s really good!


Congratulations on 8 months sober, recovering alcoholic here and I have only about 10 days sober so far (had 6 months at one time tho). Stay away from alcohol, it just leads to bad things!


wow !! 8 months sober !! good for you and keep it up !!

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Good job, you are doing great! :slight_smile:

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Keep up the good work @Simonw!

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Sounds like you’re doing great @Simonw.

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How did you stay away initially?

@Simonw Congratulations! One day at a time you will be happy without it. :rainbow: :stars:

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I was using alcohol as a form of self-medication.
I no longer have to worry about things that I did or said that couldn’t remember the next day.
I studied psychiatry for 12 years and learnt how to use antipsychotics and antidepressants to treat my brain so it no longer caused me any more trouble, and so I didn’t rely on alcohol.
I have an underlying anxiety disorder, and the medication I need to take to treat it are all downers, even though some are classed as antidepressants.
I have actually been very unhappy the last 8 months, with no pleasure at all. I used to love coming here to talk to you guys, but now I am not really interested in anything or talking to anyone.

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