8 hour of sleep is not enough for me

I still feel tired when I sleep at around 11pm and wake up at 7am which would be around 8 hours and I still feel tired during the day.Today I slept at 11:30pm and wake up 9:20am which is around 10hr and I feel fresher.I am taking Olanzapine 5mg and also melatonin 3mg every night.I will try to wake up earlier again and maybe sleep at 10:30pm and not 11pm


Yeah I feel guilty if I sleep more than 8 hours. I’ve found adding some decent exercise helps me sleep less. I went from 10 hours to 8 or less a night and I set an alarm. I get up at 5am everyday and that combination works well for me.

I need 10 hours of sleep to feel refreshed

It’s best to sleep 6 hours. In my opinion.

On clozapine I sleep about 10 hours a night…when I’m having a flare up I only sleep 4-5 hours cuz my weird thoughts keep churning in my brain and it’s hard to turn my brain off enough to sleep.

I’m sleeping 12 or 11 hours a night. I hope I can get down to 10.

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