8 days Lamictal

I got a second opinion from a psychiatrist from different team within same service.

They concluded the diagnosis was in fact treatment resistant schizophrenia.

At follow up clozapine and ect were mentioned as possible treatments. Though negatives of both left the notion in limbo.

Lamictal was added.

So currently

  • 400mg clopixol depot
  • 4mg rexulti
  • 100mg largactil

Ativan 1mg as needed

I started off at 25 mg Lamictal.
Now at 50 mg.

I feel different effects.

More voices particularly outside the head when no physical being is there.

More paranoia about family. Community. Feelin’ trapped. Usual thoughts but more distressing .

Slight euphoria

There are reports Lamictal is effective in this novel iteration of the schizoid illnesses.

Although case studies reporting adverse psychiatric events such as manic and psychotic episodes.

Overall at day 8 of Lamictal I’d say it’s mildly amusing.


Im interested in this drug, so will follow this.

Currently a day out from starting week 4 100mg.
So far I take Lamictal in morning 75mg at present.
It’s usually by night time I start feeling a little bit trippy.
I’ve discussed dissociation and derealization with treating team before .
These evening Lamictal feelings I first thought could be a but of a disconnection itself but upon research discovered that this drug is apparently used to treat these conditions .

I’ve also been having paranoid thoughts like they only put me on lamotrigine to induce a switch for programming purposes but yeah.

I’d say I feel better. Not happy or anything but this med feels noticably psychoactive which I’m always up for haha


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Yeah cool. Cheers

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I thought Lamictal was for bipolar and that its not an antipsychotic. Idk but surely your Drs know more. Clozapine didn’t work for you?

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Risperdal and Zyprexa are considered very effective.
I am on Risperdal.

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Yeah there’s a little bit of research into Lamictal in treatment resistant schizophrenia especially as add on to clozapine which is option for me but yeah mainly for bipolar. Yeah I like zyprexa . I usually ask for it prn on the ward. Glad the risperdal is working for you. Cheers

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