75mg Xeplion (117mg Invega)

My depot is being reduced from 100mg Xeplion (156mg Invega) to 75mg (117mg Invega) next month with the approval of my psychiatrist.
I have been on 100mg Xeplion (156mg Invega) for 1 year.
My prolactin level is around 32 ng/mL. The normal range for men is below 20 ng/mL. This is due to the Xeplion/Invega.
The main side effects are weight gain and sexual dysfunction. My energy levels are good and I manage to go to a gym 6 days a week and walk between 5000-10000 steps a day.
My diet is mainly 3/4 meals a day with a balance of carbs and protein. I don’t eat sweet food because of the sugar, as this affects my weight quickly (probably due to the medication).
Anyone had any experience or is currently taking 75mg Xeplion (117mg Invega)?
What is that dosage like for side effects?

I take 100mg Invega depot every 28 days. I have not tested my prolactin. I dont notice any side effects but I do think about things happening that I am not noticing.

I take 156 mg i just got my prolactin tested it was super high over 200