75 percent of viewer activity(Netflix) is driven by recommendation

Does Netflix keep track of my viewing?

Amatriain: We know what you played, searched for, or rated, as well as the time, date, and device. We even track user interactions such as browsing or scrolling behavior. All that data is fed into several algorithms, each optimized for a different purpose. In a broad sense, most of our algorithms are based on the assumption that similar viewing patterns represent similar user tastes. We can use the behavior of similar users to infer your preferences.

I must have scrolled Netflix for at least 10 hours the past couple of years.

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I do foresee an at-least partial collapse coming for Netflix. Everyone has/will have their own streaming service (YouTube, ABC, Hulu, Disney +) and if you want to watch your faves, you’ll likely to have to subscribe to two or more. I cut the cord and the wireless stuff, so now I just have a TV for Blu-Rays. Netflix has a rocky road ahead.

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I prefer Netflix because it focuses on movies, not T.V. series.

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