715AM and 85f/29c degrees here

It’s too stinking hot too early, supposed to get up over 107f/42c degrees…please make it stop.


Time for a cold shower, it kinda cooled down here but my house still heats up


Have you got anything to cool you down? I have one of those electric fan coolers that you add water to. So it blows cool air unlike a normal fan which just moves the hot air around.

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Funny, at 7:15 AM it was also 85 F, and the humidity was 90%

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Do you have air conditioning @Csummers? If not, maybe go hang out somewhere that is air conditioned (library, mall, etc.).

A friend of mine didn’t have air conditioning and was worried her cat would get too warm. She put a large bowl of ice in front of a small table fan so the fan blew air over the ice. The cat would stretch out in front of the fan/ice combo so I guess it sorta worked. :smile_cat:

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@kindness are you in northern California? It feels like 90% humidity- even though it wouldn’t be normal, what is anymore?

Yes we have air conditioning, just can’t afford to run it, so right now I’ve got the whole house fan on with every window open. It’s decent right now, but not for long.

I dump ice cubes in the water bowls of the indoor and outdoor kitties so the have some cool water to drink.
My grey indoor kitty will sit mesmerized looking into the dish, then once I leave the room, he fishes out most of the ice cubes onto the wood floor…I find little puddles all over, such a stinker, but I love him.

@everhopeful, Yeah that’s the sticky part, the fan just blows the hot air around and I’m sticky…I so dislike it so early, makes it hard to sleep at night when the bedrooms too hot, then I’m crabby all day. Sorry kitties.



I’m near Tampa, Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico

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Ew, ew, ew…it’s 104 degrees f…I bailed out and went to my mom’s :grin:
She loves her air conditioning…it’s 72 degrees f in here, but it’s gosh darn Cold… I’m happy!


we went to a large dam in Alabama… who ever is in charge of al’s thermostat has it set on the hell of 2 suns temp… it was 85%+ humidity and probably 92f… the ac at the house is set on…65… guess who doesn’t enjoy heat much any more… especially the souths heat… and a large storm just kicked up from the south west… so its actually cooler outside than in the house now…

im glad you got cool @Csummers

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