7 cups of tea issues

Every time I go there I expect to get something out of it but I leave more screwed up than before.

What does this mean?

Oh cool, alright, thanks firemonkey

Ok I’m from an age where people used to talk in person or maybe by phone. Then you meet somewhere to really talk.

My son agrees that all this cell phone addiction is hurting humanity. He says that people are with friends and they start talking to another friend? That used to be rude!! People walking around and bumping into each other and lamp posts?

I just think that the disconnection from talking to the air, is solved by talking face to face with a trained therapist.

It helps sometimes when I go there when someone has the skills for follow their training. About half the time I get a proper response, the other half I don’t. And times that I don’t we delve into issues and then leave them barely uncovered without anything to do about it. And that’s what happened last night, and why I was so upset.

I read somewhere that the first step is to accept that I have a problem and that I want to feel better and have better behavior. Well that’s as far as I got last night and the person I was talking to didn’t understand what to do so I just left feeling pretty lonely and destroyed.

But I am moving beyond that and writing in my journal about my past and guiding myself through figuring it out. Sometimes it helps to repeat what I write in my head and say it in a different way then ask myself questions about what I write. It’s exactly what they do on 7 cups of tea. So yeah I know my problem and nobody but me is going to fix that. I can’t expect people to read my mind all the time although they seem to do so anyway but they aren’t doing anything about it

So it’s up to me to fix myself because nobody else will.

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O my I think we all go through those steps.
I mean no one wants to admit they can get psychotic after all. So I would just call it my “little problem” and try to hide it if I could. Well now at least there are better meds for that little problem.

Unfortunately therapists are a dime a dozen. Mostly they specialize in helping the “worried well”. Not many want to deal with psychosis. It’s best to ask in advance if you can if they have experience with sz.

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I bet most don’t even deal in mental illness. I found that a lot of counselors don’t even have their own life together. So I wonder how much they can actually provide in terms of therapy to their consumers.

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