6mg vs 4mg Invega

I am thinking of lowering the dose, would dropping those 2mg increase my energy and make me sleep less or lowering will bring my delusions back?

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Talk to your doctor if you want to lower meds ! :ghost:

It’s risky.

Look, it seems like it’s just 2mg less but it’s more than just a lower dose, the effect of 6mg vs 4mg can be vary a lot, you really need an expert to tell you what dose to take, it could be not just a ‘lower effect’.

It brought back my delusions don’t do it

Did you switch to 4mg?

I went down from 9mg to 6 mg

I think the standard pill size is 3 mg, so you’d have to go to that.

I used to be on 3 mg Paliperidone and 1 mg Haldol, it controlled the voices as much as a higher dose did. There wasn’t much difference for me between that or, say, 6 or 9 mg Paliperidone, except that I was more tired and slept a lot longer (was hungrier too.)

I’m thinking of an invega shot lowered that consists of 4mg a day my biggest problem that I sleep for 13 hrs a day