$600 stimulus checks are coming to each US citizen - stimulus bill signed into law

just fyi 151515151515

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I hope so, but I’m afraid to believe it.

Wait, didnt the president refuse to sign it.

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That’s what I thought.

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He had until midnight tonight to sign it.

Under pressure he’s going to sign it.
He signed it, (or is going to sign it) to avert a government shut down that would have been this Tuesday. If he didn’t sign it a lot of other bad crap would have happened. Part of the reason he probably signed it was to protect his legacy. Or probably mostly to protect his legacy.


I just got a google news notification that he signed it.


hot damn…I am going to buy an art piece from my cousin’s gf…she does artwork in seattle out of recycled wine foils…beautiful…can’t wait…giving my girlfriend $200 until her check comes in and then she will pay me back…and $200 for all the groceries I could never afford…

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