60 packs of cigs for $38.50

If you can do math that’s less than a $1 a pack.


Yeah there cheap, but probably kill you quicker.


Not any quicker than a$6 pack. They were like manna.

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How?? That’s a great deal

I don’t know I got ss and all of a sudden circle k was selling them $2 a pack. The First Lady rang me up a carton for 10.50, second time $20 and third time $8.

Are they stolen lol? Ppl steal anything lol


I am sure Kijiji and eBay even Amazon have stolen stuff.

When I used to work in the flea market some ppl came to me selling me stuff for really cheap and they pressured me to buy fast, I let my boss handle them.

It’s well over $1 a cig over here these days. I’m glad I gave up in 2009!


I think it is 40 cents a cig here. It is an expensive habit. Fortunately I do not smoke. So many people have died to lung cancer.

Are they even any good ?

Or are they just fillers.


I found a pack in my car too.:sunglasses:

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