6 months off meds

I know meds work for all you guys, but for me they gave me derealization in 2018/2019 (Paliperidone) and blurred vision plus intrusive thought panic attacks in 2020 (Clupixol and Olanzapine).

I believe in Reptilians, but I don’t dwell on this belief, nor do I think it’s a delusion.

I went so far into psychosis during my last hospitalization that I don’t think it’s even possible for it to happen again. Maybe now is a remission phase. I just hope it lasts. I have no anxiety or depression either. Wish me luck.


Good luck. Many recover from 1st episode psychosis. It’s not uncommon. If your multi episodic, however, your likely to become unstuck and you know that routine.


Good luck. I wish I could go without meds but I’ve learned I can’t.


well it makes me mad you stopped your meds and am now on here saying wish you luck…you are already delusional it’s only a matter of time until you’re so far gone we won’t hear from you anymore…I think this is enraging and very sad at the same time…go back on your meds before it’s too late.

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never think thats its impossible for it to happen again or you might be caught of guard if it does.
hope it works out for you.


If I didn’t stop the meds then I’d still have intrusive thoughts and blurred vision, plus sexual dysfunction. There’s literally nothing for the meds to inhibit.

Have you tried Vraylar?


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Good luck. You sound good.

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Thanks pal


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Thats great. You are well.

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You seem stable in your posts so thats good. Some can live without symptoms without meds. Good luck!


Good luck, if your symptoms don’t get worse you could go on like this. I hope this will be the case. I need meds even if I don’t have psychotic symptoms. :slight_smile:

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I went 2 years without meds before I crashed and burned. Ended up psychotic in hospital.


I managed five years off meds but it came back. I couldnt come off again.
Hope with you it’s better!


How many psychotic episodes have you had?

Four in three years

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