6 million renters face eviction in 8 days when a Trump-era ban expires. Biden


things could get ugly.


What a hit for people to face right now. As if we don’t all have enough problems as it is. I feel for them. Hopefully Biden will come through with something

I thank God I’m not in that boat, and pray for the ones who are


It is interesting that nearly every fast food, restaurant, and some retail have a major shortage of people or at least within 30 miles around where I live yet some are still facing eviction. Sure everyone’s circumstances are different but I wonder if people got a little too comfortable with the Covid handouts?

Anyways I feel bad for the people. Have a feeling there will be a rise in tent cities.

I count my blessings everyday. Our house is really old but I am still happy to have a roof over my head.


I feel like it’s the end of the world…for real.

I think a lot of people realized that those jobs don’t make enough to survive on, and that if they don’t have enough to survive anyways, they might as well be at least working on their education or starting their own business or doing something they actually enjoy.


Also, fast food and retail had one of the highest death rates of any job dueing the peak of the pandemic. A lot of former employees died, or lost friends, or got sick and became pwrmanently disabled due to long term covid symptoms, or got fired abruptly and are now afraid to go back.


That’s true. Just spouting my opinion. Thanks for your pov.


Restaurants didn’t pay a living wage when I worked in them and the wages haven’t changed that much in nearly three decades. The cost of living has quadrupled in that time. A lot better places to work than in a restaurant where you may have a shot at paying your bills.


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