5HT2A/mGlu2 heterodimer receptors and pathology associated with this receptor complex

Does Sarcosine aka N,N-DiMethylGlycine (DMG) really help anyone who takes it? A friend of mine takes Latuda/Lurasidone 40mg once/day morning, and Zoloft/sertraline 150mg once/day morning.

He does not want to do Lithium, Depakote, or Trileptal, fudge that! Those sucked.

I am also interested in the serotonin2A/mGlu2 receptor heterodimer complex as this is suggested to be pathological in function in schizophrenia.

Thoughts? Medical/Pharmacologically supported information? NCBI documents? Thanks in advance!

Dr. Bova, D.M.D.

I don’t think there are any mGlu medications that have been approved. Sarcosine is a GlyT-1 inhibitor. There’s a pinned thread on this forum on sarcosine. For some people it’s very helpful.

Some papers on mGlu in sz:

And on sarcosine:


You may also want to check out sodium benzoate.

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More on sarcosine

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Here’s one on sodium benzoate.

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Thank you for posting these links! I am doing a project on schizophrenia, schizoaffective, and bipolar disorders, and these links will hopefully tie it all together. Thanks again!

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