55 word stories


To all writers here, I don’t know if you have ever heard of 55 word stories, but it’s pretty self explanatory you write a story using no more then 55 words, you can have less, but I’d use as many words as possible, the one below is the first one I’ve ever done, so some feedback would be awesome, and if you’d like to post up you’re own 55 word story here too that would be so cool. Oh and my story doesn’t have a title yet, I’m terrible at titles.

She ran through the field screaming, looking behind in horror, he was getting closer, her eyes widened in terror, his hand stretched out, she pushed her legs harder, pulling ahead, his hand dropped, but again he started gaining on her, his hand stretched again, touching her back, she screamed as he shouted “Tag your it!”


There was an ominous scratching sound. She woke up, startled, looking around, wondering if she’d heard something. There! The sound was even louder! Suddenly she felt like she was being watched. She looked up and saw the squirrel peering in at her from the downspout next to the window. She was beside herself with rage.

(Title: Woof!)


applauds I like it! XD plot twist! It was just a squirrel.


New one

Lonely Night
John walked into the bedroom, his wife dressed scandalously, laying on her side, smiling impishly, he looked at her mournfully, “I’m sorry, I have to work tonight.” She pouted, when suddenly a bump sounded, “Just the dog,” she said, he left. Once he did a male’s voice under the bed asked, “Can I come out?”


Title: Hunted (I’m not great at titles)

She sat in the closet, covering her mouth. She knew even the smallest peep could cause her to be found. She heard footsteps. She held her breath. The light from beneath the closet door disappeared, then the closet door swung open. “Dang! You found me!” She said in a disappointed tone. “Want to keep playing?”


I think it’s actually a really fitting title, you would read the title first, and then read the first sentence, and with your title and first sentence it really adds suspense, then reach the end and your like, What!? Plot Twist!


I made it exactly 55 words long too. I’m pretty proud of that :smile:


Yeah that can be quite difficult, especially if you’re over, and then your like, but what other words can I get rid of!? I need them all! XD it’s practice for me because I tend to be a descriptive writer, in school once we were supposed to write a short story, all my other classmates wrote a paragraph or two, I ended up writing six pages on google drive. So I kinda like doing these.


It was about my little dog and the neighborhood squirrels that mock her through the window. She finds it very upsetting while I find it comical. :smile:


I came, I saw, I concurred.


Once upon a time, a dugong lived in the Pacific. He looked like a manatee, except had a whale’s tail. He was a rare species of marine mammal. Then a body of people changed the laws protecting him. An islander tribe went out in a kayak and harpooned him with a spear. No more dugong.


Doggone it…


I thought afterward: “Dugong steaks.”


Or is it Dugone it?


Ohhh sad dugong


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