52 ways to be an angel

kindness, radiance, service, generosity, patience, joyfulness, courtesy, enthusiasm, responsibility, a sense of humor, friendliness, love, respect, obedience, cleanliness, courage, imagination, wisdom, cooperation, humility, justice, trust, strength, honesty, nobility, compassion, hope, faith, knowledge, modesty, reverence, perseverance, grace, unity, mercy, peacefulness, purity, gentleness, curiosity, gratitude, prayerfulness, moderation, empathy, idealism, sincerity, loyalty, confidence, sacrifice, selflessness, wonder, integrity and serenity.


you forgot to add ‘sexy’

Why make up a list?

I didn’t make it up. The Bahai’s did. I just think it’s a beautiful way to get back on track. I think sexy would be only for adults and exclusive and could be interpreted as hostile. Like Jezebel. .


I see a pattern here… :fearful:


Being a devil is easier.


I don’t understand your comment. I certainly don’t have all those qualities. I think they are something to work on.

It wasn’t directed at you. I just don’t think this list of values is that great.

ok You’re entitled to your own opinion. I was moved by the list and found it something to be thoughtful about.

In the end, it is probably a good thing that there aren’t many sets of values we can all agree on.