5 Months of inactivity

How am I going to get back on the work bandwagon?

It has nearly been 5 months since I worked properly, and even before that I was taking time off for illness related issues

I know many here have been inactive for a long period, but I was kinda hoping to get the right treatment and get back to it

Now treatment wise I am back to where I started in December - and even perhaps before that

Am I aiming for something that will never happen?

I have tried 11 AP’s, and there are not many left + my heart is being affected by AP’s, so we’re even more limited


One step at a time…I’d like to say it gets easier and I just have done volunteer work but it doesn’t.

Still. Trust your skills… Trust your process and just make it happen. It’s surprising how much you can do when you wing it…but honestly. You have some great skills. You have some good process to do what you’ve been doing so there’s something there.

And. Keep fighting for better function with the meds but sometimes that means playing the game over there. I can’t comment on our systems…but take advantage of every thing you can…I do like you matey and want to see you do well and I know you can do it!

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Last October I decided I wanted to get back to paid work. First I started volunteering. Then I did an intensive language class. Now I feel ready to go back to part-time work but still have to wait a couple of months before I can start. In the meantime I’m going to do more hours at my volunteering place.

The above was my strategy. There are options to get more active again.

Regarding your APs. Which one of the 11 was the most effective? Maybe you can stick to that one.

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