5 Good Reasons Why You Should Get Clean and Sober

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Very few people go through life without consuming drugs and/or alcohol. Most will start experimenting with substance, in their later teen years. Those folks, who are genetically predisposed, or live in unhealthy environments, often start earlier than the rest of their peers.

Used in moderation a glass of wine is a great way to unwind after a long stressful day. An ice cold beer at a barbeque can be a conversation starter. A hot toddy will warm your insides on a cold winter day. Social gatherings are often held around good food and good drink.

But what happens when you start to build a lifestyle around substance?


Unfortunately I recognise some elements of my relationship to alcohol in there. Thanks for the post.


I could think of a thousand reasons to get clean and sober. What I went through every day for four years. Gave me a good reason to quit every day. But I had to go through it before I saw the light.


@BarbieBF i can say every one around this globe are sick.we sz use drug for ones illness while other use it for others envy hatred and bad…

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To me… this feels like little tendrils… just slowly inching deeper and quietly taking root. It’s sort of scary. I’ve been sober for 6 years… but little tings… small gatherings… it’s so easy to think… just one… will it really be my unraveling?

Right now I’m too chicken to find out.


That’s a good thing! If my drug of choice was in my vicinity… I would run! That’s being smart in my opinion.

Honestly if one needs a cold beer to start a conversation… Perhaps they need to expand on there conversational skills :wink:


Sometimes it’s hard reading and seeing people encouraging each other to drink or smoke pot. It really sticks in my head and it’s hard to untangle.


The link did not work for me . . .


Not sure why it is doing that now. Try this one:

Encouraging people to do that stuff is so lame.

I think a mandatory part of life is making a conscious effort to NOT be influenced by others whether it’s drugs/drink or anything.


You are talking about like that movie with Sandra Bullock where she spent her time in bars right?

I was never like that and never will be.

@BarbieBF I followed the link, and I made the phone call. The man I got was pretty kewl.

@petester I just watched the Sandra Bullock movie. I enjoyed the movie!

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My two biggest reasons for maintaining sobriety are my wife and my daughter.



Two very good reasons pixel :purple_heart:

Very helpful post good people to talk to

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