5 days on the vegan diet.. feeling off

I’ve been on the low carb train for a few years and decided trying to switch to the exact opposite diet - high carb low fat vegan with only plant based whole foods.

After being on it for 5 days, I’m feeling like something is missing, like I’m malnourished and edgy, a physical uncomfortable feeling in the gut. Not calm.

I did notice that I felt like I didn’t need sarcosine, but not in a good way… the high amounts of carbs are mentally energizing similar to sarcosine but not in a pleasant way.

Needless to say I’m switching back to high fat low carb. It really bothers me that there’s research supporting both sides and doctors really have no clue or agreement on which diet is healthier, very confusing to read about diets.

My poops were great with the vegan diet though, didn’t feel like I’m delivering a baby each time anymore, which I’ll miss. I’ll gladly take that challenge on again for the increased sanity.


I’ve contemplated going vegan, but it seems expensive and complicated. Was it expensive? I could go without meat pretty easily, and dairy has never been my favorite. One thing is for sure: I need to do something different. My body is suffering from my poor eating habits!

It is pretty simple, cooking without fat is actually easier cuz cleanup is quick and cooking time is less. I bought a crapload of veggies, berries, brown rice, lentils, and beans for about 90$ last night which would’ve lasted me 1 to 2 weeks if I stayed on the diet. I think it is cheaper than a keto diet.

I understood through experimentation that I need fat in my diet. Carbs - not so much.

It’s either one or the other though, low carb high fat or high carb low fat. When we eat both high carb and fat, we pay for it by getting fatter.

If I stayed on the vegan diet, I suspect my health would get worse (mental and physical, more concerned with mental though), I’m glad I’m able to listen to my body when I feel off and adjust.

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It’s usually best to consult your physical doctor (GP) before starting any weight loss plan.

Low carb diets are not considered healthy and there are guidelines: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs394/en/

People living in blue zones consume 50% to 75% of carbs, the most healthy diets are the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, the vegan diet and the Okinawa diet.

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stick with the vegan diet…it gets easier…im a vegan 11 months and am doing well…try take seeds omega and others…also I agree my no. 2’s have been a lot smoother…no pain in pushing!!

Stick it out…it get easier

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no vegan is not expensive at all…it works out a lot cheaper than meat

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Well said, a real and genuine vegan diet is cheaper, fresh fruit, veggies, cereals, legumes and nuts. Ignore ‘vegan’ meat and other expensive crap.


you can get “Linda Mc Cartney” vegan sausages in the suermarkets…theyre quite cheap at 40 cent a sausage…and they taste great, like a real sausage…

by the way the sausages are frozen which is an added bonus

No ribeye steaks??? no pulled pork sandwiches??? no jambalaya with three meats??? no gumbo with chicken and kielbasa sausage??? I couldn’t do it…i admire vegans though.


It’s not surprising that you feel off. Your body uses two totally different mechanisms for energy between the two (your hormone levels are different).

Honestly what’s worked for me was switching to intermittent fasting. I lost ~50lbs in a year without any real effort (all of my belts literally became too big). It’s a lot more about eating at certain times and less about macros, and so is soooooo much easier to stick to.

I switched from being on low carb for over a year to high carb vegan, I cold turkeyed everything. The first 2 months were hell. Anxiety and insomnia plus psychosis(I think the psychosis was mostly because of the stress and not sleeping enough, not that it inherently makes me psychotic).

After 2 months everything started to settle down. If I’d have to do it again I would not go cold turkey, I’d do it much slower.

A big reason why I avoided going vegan was that I though carbs made me feel terrible, when infact it was the gluten in grains. Rice, corn and potatoes are completely fine for me.

Another mistake I made was not eating enough. I knew I had to eat way more but still made the mistake. You need to eat way bigger volume of food to get the same calories. I think on any given day I eat about 4-5 plates of food. Most of it is calorie dense foods like rice and potatoes. It takes some time to get used to eating that much.

I don’t think I’ll ever be switching back. I find the diet much simpler and easier to follow than ketogenic diets, but at first veganism is difficult for sure.

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I tried being a Vegetarian.
It lasted 5 days.
I love cold cuts too much! :yum:

You stuck it out for 2 months wow, I wouldn’t be able to do that. The “keto flu” people get in the first few days of the keto diet is way more tolerable for me mentally than the jitteriness, anxiety, and the physical unsatiated feeling for a potentially long period when going vegan.

Im starting to think that both diets are healthy as there are short and long term studies on both, so it’s up to us to try and see which one we feel better on.

Yeah intermittent fasting really agrees with my body, and is really easy to stick to.

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Lots of new studies coming out showing that low carb diets are healthy and that saturated fat is fine. Sweden for example changed their nutritional guidelines to a low carb keto type diet.

Which brings me back to - Who knows…

I haven’t seen studies on long term (decades) effects of low carb diets, plus the diets of the places with the most longest-lived people are high-carb, low-meat and fat like the WHO suggests.

When we contacted Anna Karin Lindroos, PhD, a nutritionist at Sweden’s National Food Agency, to ask about the new guidelines, she set the record straight: “Sweden does not have any guidelines on low-carb-high-fat diets. The information that Sweden has guidelines on low-carb-high-fat diets is based on incorrect information circulating on the Internet.

My bad then… 15 15

I have no desire for vegan or vegatarian I’m type O blood type and they are supposed to eat meat. If I don’t eat it I get weak. If I eat too many vegies and little meat I feel sick.