5/5 lunch break sketch


Please enjoy


Wowza! That’s brilliant, well done, I enjoy your work and look forward t seeing them :smiley:

Take care,


@Dante13 I am pleased that you enjoy my art. I just received a new easel and some more canvas so I plan to so some more painting soon. I have been struggling to stay focused on my art, I have been very troubled lately and I think that shows in my work.


I’m glad you’ve got new art materials, I’ve read your posts and understand you’re struggling which I’m sorry to hear. I wouldn’t worry too much whether it shows in your work as long as you’re getting it out of your system, as art is an expression and a release often I find, keep getting it out, you’re talented that’s for sure. It can be cathartic to the artist which is what matters. So by all means paint and draw away!

Take care,


Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. ))


You should be exhibiting somewhere very important! Your work is amazing.

It reminds me of an exhibit I saw at the prestigious Menil museum here in Houston. It was a collection of art created by artists with mental illness. It was beautiful, vivid, provocative, and avant garde–just like yours!

Keep the artistry going and please, keep sharing with us :slight_smile:




Wow! Thank you!! I will continue to work on my art and maybe someday I will be in an exhibit too.


you are so talented…its an honor to see your work for free!!! way to go…


You’re welcome, it’s a pleasure :blush:!

Take care,

5/6 lunch break sketch

Have you thought about trying to start promoting yourself? Shows don’t just happen. A good place is (believe it or not) literary journals. (Or so I think). Lots of journals I have looked at want art submissions as well as word work to put in their journal.

That is a list of creative nonfiction journals I found online. A couple in the first ten or so wanted art too. I think the Orion one wants art. (Nature art). Be sure to check out the journal to make sure that the art you are submitting fits with the journal. If you just submit stuff everywhere it probably won’t go over too well and when you want to submit again they might just ignore you. So read the “about” section. Poke about a little on the page and look through the online sample journals if they have one.
Happy hunting!


@onceapoet Thank you kindly, I will defiantly look into that after work today! :slight_smile:

5/28 lunch break sketch