4th of July coming up. Little story

I was a Park Ranger in 1999. I used to work in a large park, basically patrolling it in my truck and doing a few tasks each shift like picking up trash and emptying trash cans and filling out reports if anything out of the ordinary happened. This particular park had some relatively small hills in it. I worked an 8 hour shift from 12:00 pm to closing which was 8:00 pm. At the end of my shift I was supposed to shut the entrance and exit gates and lock them. Well I was working once on the Fourth of July. 8:00pm came up and I was getting ready to close up. But then all these people in cars started coming inside. .Families and such. And they got out blankets and coolers and set themselves up on the hills to watch the firework display in the near distance. The park was officially closed but soon there were cars filing the parking lots and lining the entrance road and the hills were getting filled with people. I didn’t know what to so I called my boss on a phone and asked her what I should do. She told me they had no right to be there and to tell everyone to leave. So I grabbed my megaphone and started yelling at everybody to leave and I also walked from group to group telling them they couldn’t be there. At first a couple people left but most people resisted. By this time there was probably a hundred people inside and more pouring in. I was walking up to people telling them the park was closed and they had to leave but people were ignoring me. One drunk guy got belligerent and made me a little nervous. It was out of control. No good ending. I ended up staying there until 10:30 pm. It was a nightmare.


Time for the :police_car: :oncoming_police_car: :deciduous_tree: :evergreen_tree: :fireworks:


I would have called the police. Isn’t that trespassing?

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I’ve had trouble in similiar situations. For example, I was prefect for a school library one evening. It was supposed to be like a study hall. But two students wouldn’t stop talking with each other. They had come to the library, apparently, because they were working on a project together and needed to talk it over.


So much for patriotism and the 4th of July. You were in a very precarious position. Sorry you had to go through that.

What a tight spot for you to be in. A loosing battle. What a bummer situation to be in.

I hate the 4th. My burn scars hurt just thinking about it. My sis has also said her burn scars hurt on that day too. The whole family isn’t really a fan of that day. I don’t like fireworks. My sis and I usually hide that day and resurface on July 5th.

I love the sentiment, I love the history behind it… but then to have this big thing brought down to being drunk and lighting stuff on fire… makes me sad.


Actually I now remember that the police came. This happened 15 years ago so I didn’t remember the whole story.

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