45 Messages People With Mental Illness Would Send Their Pre-Diagnosed Selves


I see nothing about “take the blue pill” on this list.



I haven’t seen Neo around either

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Are you being subversive in a interesting way or just funny?

I really wanna know what sz has to do with the red pill

“These are your first steps.”

Find a new doctor, preferably at the local mental health center, get services and this too shall pass over and over. You’re reeling and hurting from stuff you can’t remember. Convince Sara of what she already knows and then some and just let theose peopl claim another victim before you get too close.

Hope it gets there.,

You’re gonna do great, kid. There will be many explosions before you become great, but you will be great.

Love, You, the Popular Guy.

Hit em’ right between the eyes, you gonna go far kid.


Don’t tell the cops what the voices are telling you, even if you are scared. They will take action;instead, find a therapist and others you can talk with. Your story is still 3/4ths blank.

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