43 years is a long time

It was 1973 when I was six years old and I did feed some waterbirds in the winter in this location in the center of our little town and now I went there again but it was prohibited to feed birds now in this location and so I fed some black birds in another location. 43 years is a long time, but here I am where I was when I was a 6-year old kid.


We probably have another 40 years to go. I wish itgoes at least at fast as the past 40 years.

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We’re the same age, @mjseu. :blush: I haven’t been back to where I lived as a child for a number of years, but when I did the memories were so clear. I always thought time went so slowly, and now I look back and it all went by so fast.

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It is funny how it feels. In this May I have been 14 years in my birth town after my US stay and world travels. Now when I look back it feels that I could have been in this town always without ever traveling anywhere. Although my travel descriptions in the ‘Creativity’ section are real and these travels are what I did in the real world, I could just write creative travel descriptions of my imagination. Well, I do not have so much imagination, but one thing is sure - I never need to travel anywhere any longer.

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1973 was a rough year for me. I turned 24 . . .

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I got kicked out of college, to return home to my parents’ where I lived for another 35 years.

One never knows how it goes in one’s life. When I was seven years old I lived in the center of our town and then I was hit by one car and I run to a store of my home building at the time and now when I am so much older I often visit this building because they have a nature store in this building now. If somebody had told me in Jamaica 20 years ago that I would do this in the future, I might have laughed, but one never knows how the life goes.

Where midnight describes the wisdom of a child’s sky to the rivers of light i still wonder of wind afore the sun


What do they have in the nature store?

All kinds of nature clothing, hiking equipment and other nature things like that. I purchased my German summer military jacket there, it was just 5 euros few years ago.