41 reasons not to date a photographer

Sadly, this list is entirely too accurate. I was considering sharing it with my wife, until it occurred me that she will not only find most of the items not funny (after nearly fifteen years with me), but that she probably has some things she can add to it.




Sheesh, too true. Especially 14, 15 and 17.
I was married for 25 years to a photographer/computer self employed businessman (would they be anything else?)
Best part of it was, everything was documented!
And yes, as the years went by the gear got more expensive. First lens he bought after we were married was this $3 thousand dollar Canon lens.
Two years ago it became a $12 Thousand Canon lens, to put on the $9k body

I shoot with a Canon S95 and it’s all I need.


I may not be a professional photographer but certainly amateur and have taken thousands of pics… I don’t do hardly any of that stuff,

LOL…this is funny

17. They are way too honest about your looks
If you ask a photographer if you look fat, he’ll probably say yes, but not to worry, he’ll Photoshop it later.

NOOO ! Haha



Okay, I was just joking by shopping the girl… (though I wonder how many people do that on dating sites? LOL)

Here’s some not shopped photos…

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