4 psychiatrists

1st psychiatrist: woman, in my area, 30€, we were talking for an hour, appointment every month. With her I tried: Amisulpride, Paliperidone, Ripseridone and another one, old typical antipsychotic. I was seeing her for almost a year.
2nd psychiatrist: man, professor of university, in the big city, 80€, Risperidone, haloperidol. I was seeing him for a few months.
3rd psychiatrist: lunatic with huge doses (80mg haldol, 90mg abilify, 80mg zyprexa), 80 years old, grandpa, in the big city, 100€, appointment once every three months.
4th psychiatrist: the best so far. In my area. We lowered all doses, we quit zyprexa, we started haldol injection, 25€, half or an hour duration of every appointment.


U need luck to find a good doctor and drugs that work.

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I finally found the right pdoc, my friend.
I feel so blessed


I am glad that you finally found a right doctor. How did you feel when you are on three high dose of antipsychotics?

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You find a good one you don’t let them go. Best thing happened to me was finding mine when he was just starting out. I ended up seeing him again 5 years later as he had seen me previously. He had gotten a lot busier and more popular. He also got a lot better.

It really is an art with modern medicine. A good doctor reads their patients and has a feeling or incling about your treatment. Glad you’ve found one to work with you.

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I was feeling OK. No sedated. Just no clarity.
Now i have clarity and peace

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Yes, I found one good at last, but now I fear lest he retires

The third psychiatrist, the lunatic, told me that instead of antidepressant, he suggests walking for good mood. I told my new pdoc and he asked me “whoever walks, is happy?”. Lol.
He has prescribed an antidepressant, and my mood is great now. I have tried 3 or 4 antidepressants but this one now is the best

I take 2-3 meds for anxiety and 1 for depression.
I think that anxiety and depression come frequently with schizophrenia

What med u taking for depression ?

Deprevix 75mg (venlafaxine)


I’ve never heard of that one.

The medicine it contains is well known.
The brand name though is in Greek market only,
I guess

Effexor is well known, it contains the same med

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