3rd day on paxil

I have been feeling really depressed so my doctor gave me some paxil to try out.
Last time i tried a antidepresant voices got stronger after only one dose.
so i am doing better tihs time then i ever have on a AD.
I really hope this time it can work for me.


Good luck with it.

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Ur about to lose ur sex drive and sexual function just so u know.

dosnt matter im asexual :stuck_out_tongue:

So im not taking paxil anymore 2 days ago i flipped out with exstream low and highs and hearing voices, its got me questioning if i have biopolar aswell as schizophrenia.

Why isnt ur pdoc prescribing you the good newer antipsychotics? Why are they still prescribing the old ssris?

Im on risperdal, Im with free health care so my pdoc isnt the greatest, he said that paxil would be fine for my depression i warned him it could make me have an episode but he didnt listen.

Heres some info on new antidepressants:


Next time you go to your pdoc talk to him about trying some of them. Make suggestions to him.

Here is info on the newest antidepressants not out yet:

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Thanks for the info gives me lots to read :slight_smile: