3rd day of "we will kill you". Nothing happened

It’s the third day. nothing

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I will place a 100k bet “they” wont kill you.

Voices try everything


I waited and waited and waited and waited for Armadegon. Nothing happened…


I waited outside my house for ownie to collect me so I could join the PIRA he never came

Ownie? What is this?

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Maybe it’s a lie, that they re going to kill me, but it affects my mood

Ownie is one of my voices, he is in the PIRA. Noel was the first, he’s in the IRA as well and my old work colleague

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I told him I’d meet him outside my house at six, Anthony was trying to convince him to meet me but ownie didn’t want to. I also told my neighbours to tell ownie. I sent them a text.

After I came in having waited, he said ‘ il punish you for making me look stupid’

After a nap, voices are more quiet now

Now confusion. Confusion . What the hell?

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