3d model thread

Both sound awesome bro! Send me the image when you do the recorder! I that recorder photo was one of your renders :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey man…are you into toon models? I have a set of vehicle models and I want to turn them into toon cars. Would you know anything about it?

My game is a 3D toon raging game but I don’t want to model like 20 new cars from scratch…

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Yeah I think there’s a toon shader in unity. Like a material you can slap on and get a toon effect.

I was thinking using toon graphics for my game as well… at least gonna test it out, so I need to look into it too.

Is this effect what you’re looking for? I found out I had purchased this toon shader many years ago in the asset store, it’s called MK Toon, there might be a free version too

Screenshot 2024-06-09 131722

Yea…I’m using toon Shader but I think the models don’t look toon enough…like the actual models mesh/body … I might have to maybe look at a bunch of toon models to get an idea :bulb:

One way is to use toon shader + having textures with details that looks cartoony, like drawn black lines in the color texture. I think borderlands use this technique. I’m going with this for my game I think

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Yea borderlines looked pretty good too. I’m gonna check that out and see if it works man!!

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