36 hours without meds?

And im a complete wreck…anyone else ?

I’d suspect you need them more than you think.


The smart thing to do would be to get back on them. It’s just going to get worse without the meds.


Is it normal to already feel back to when i started ???

I just dont understand

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I know… im totally freaking out

I think it’s not a good sign if your falling apart so early. I’d be getting back on the meds for sure.


Get back on them before it gets so bad you end up in the hospital. You stopped taking them out of anger. Anger is a temporary state of emotion. But not taking the meds is a long term decision with immense repercussions. We are advising you out of personal experience or being on these forums so long and seeing so many people who stopped taking their meds crash and burn.


Yeah its just i thought maybe it would at least be a while before so called symptoms came back. I went for my COVID test then had a panic attack cause i think that people wanted to kill me because i might have covid. Testing site was by police station. I felt like the lady put a microchip up my nose… . .

Well i certainly have crashed and burned tbh i started crying and talking in tounges or something i dunno why

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Like having a full breakdown

My mum said my team told her a few months ago i had sz and apparently i flipped out on them qbout it so they avoid it i think

But i dont feel unwell as such? I feel distressed

Well, you made an impulsive decision to stop taking them. Now that you’ve had time to think, can’t you see what a bad decision that was and where you’re headed?


Yip definitely i will take meds


You should go back on your meds.

My brother stopped taking his meds for two months

he ended up committing a crime

and me and my mom haven’t see him since.

He’s been locked up for 11 years.
My therapist constantly says don’t get off your meds.

your playing with fire.

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I can see that now

Good decision…,…

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You are already becoming delusional.

You need to get back on meds!

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Im sorry to hear about your brother