32-Year-Old Professor Raises $50 Million To Make Drugs To Control Genes

The first drugs won’t start human tests for a year or more, but the company has been building out a team of two-dozen employees. Its experimental medicines are in the process of lead optimization, meaning that molecules have been developed but need to be improved. Diseases being targeted: synovial sarcoma, but also prostate cancer and non-small cell lung cancer. Further down the road, Crabtree’s work may mean there are implications in autism, schizophrenia, and also some rare neurological diseases.



This is really exciting.


I think money is not enough for sz research.!!!

I am only hoping from broad institute cuz they have 650 million in their pocket…!!!


If more money was invested in sz it would greatly accelerate discoveries.


Yes i know… most sz research lacks funding…!!!
If money is enough for research we will definetly gonna see big breakthrough…

Like ted stanly donated 650 million to broad insitute …within 2 years they came with first breakthrough of c4 genes…

I think and i am sure next breathrough will gonna come from broad institute …!!!

Cuz they have 650 million dollar…

Within five year there is gonna be big breakthrough…

Hell no…!!!

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C4 needs to be validated and wasnt even a problem in all genetic samples. WTF are they waiting for?!

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I dont know what u say… but they have clearly said that the main gene which causes sz are still hidden in a box…!!!

First they need to get that…!!!

Sz is not caused by one single-gene mutation. They will never find the gene.


How do u know …???

They will find them all… but it takes hell alot of time…!!

And once u have found all the genes, what do u do next?

PS: its been said times and again by scientists that sz is due to 10s maybe even 100s of genes.

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Develop a effective medicine that will tackle the genes and heal all negative positive and cognitive symptoms…

Do u know like metformin for diabetes…!!!
No side effect but effective treatment…

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Metformin is a wonder drug indeed. Very effective. Low side-effects.

They may find 50 gene in one set … its not like counting 1234 to 100…

First comes 1 then 2 then 3 …nope not like this…

Edit… like 25 to 50 gene in one set… this is very possible…!!!

Ok but once they have identified all the genes, what next? They have to identify all the genes then know what activity each gene is responsible for then theyll eventually start working on new drugs. This is gonna take so much time.


Yes a lot of times…!!!

Thats why i said 30 to 50 yrs. And that might not even be long enough.

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See this video… i am sure this might disapoint u…

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30 to 50 yrs if they have enough money to research…!!! Otherwise research will be halted…!!

I have came to know that every sz research needs funding … all the company are underfunded…!!

We need a good 1 trillion dollars to cure this mofo in 10 years.


U are right @insidemind we need trillions of freaking dollars…!!!

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