3 Postives #5

Walked half a hour.

Went to Post Office.

Had a coffee :coffee:.

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Started differential calculus, the differentials side

Have started the emissivity of materials problem set

Cooked and ate. But i did also order which im annoyed with. But alas. Cant be perfect

And one more. Because its cheeky. I played a new game i bought!

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Went for a swim at the beach

An eating peanut butter by the spoonful

Am reading life advice on quora

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My dog got his hair cut .

I have nice dinners.

I walked half a hour.


have eaten lots of tasty food today

had fun singing and drumming with a stick at the beach

randomly went for a swim in my shorts and tshirt, just to break out of my fear of being different i guess, and for fun

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Rode my bike to town and back. Feeling strong

Did 30 mins cardio

Made vegan hot dogs out of carrots… Called carrot dogs

Realised my good days are the days I exercise heaps

I changed up breakfast today and had a banana and some canned chicken breast. Little more protein in the morning helps and I didn’t spend extra money on power drinks.

My car started.

Not stocking up on a lot of food which I think helps me ration it better and eat less. I am going to try going without $50/mo in food stamps and see how I do.

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This evening I lay in bed and felt depressed . I’d say in my armchair most of the day so I got up and did ten minutes exercise. Will do more later

I had a nice mug of Yorkshire tea

I washed my hair

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went for a swim

watched ‘planet earth’ doco with david attenborough narrating

its raining


Coffee bar.



went for a bikeride and walk on the beach

read ecology book for an hour

am meeting my daily goals and today i enjoyed both


I have me time for myself

I have socializing with family

I have personal growth which is giving me a little more maturity with life


Had some good black tea this morning
Slept long and well
Chatted to some family members on the phone