3 Postives #5

Got my car back from the shop

Got over some heavy triggers today

Got a new microwave

Bonus: I had two pieces of cake and they were on point :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do it! It’s so fascinating :heart: sometimes I think I won’t enjoy reading biology books, but once I do, I find it awesome and amazing!


I have a roof. A bed and warmth. This is fine


I had a good sleep last night

Had a hearty lunch

My friend bought me some hiking boots


Slept well last night.

Did some driving with my boyfriend directing me.

Got a paper printed and receptionist was a sweet :heart: heart.she seems sweet that woman.


Well done on the driving. I tried a few years ago but thought the other drivers could read my mind and forgot to indicate. I might try again I I can though


Thank you :pray:t4:

I can only drive independently to three places and I’m able to drive to three other places under direction from passenger in passenger seat.

I’m not a confident driver.
I’m afraid of getting lost, not changing lane in time etc


Lost some weight which is good as I’m still on the path.

Self care is up. More washing of hair and shaving etc!

Mentally starting to feel pleasure from doing some things…That is a game changer for sure!


Walked half a hour.

Paid for my P.O. Box.

My boyfriend and dog are with me .


feeling pleasure at doing things, is good news. keep it up :slight_smile:


went for a swim at my childhood vacation spot and was actually not too embarrased to try my best swimming. (there was hardly anyone there) it was lovely

scored a book on human biology from the op shop along with a wfpb dvd and a meditation cushion. SCORE!

got some choc coated coffee beans…


Went to a better neighbourhood n shopping centre and my boyfriend bought me $20 sandals.

my nails are pretty :heart_eyes:.

Got some sleep :zzz:.

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am surviving drinking coffee and getting just enough sleep, enjoying the dopamine highs

went for a swim in the river and i challenged myself and swum against the current (it wasnt very strong)

have exercised for over an hour and a half today and now feel like doing some weeding in the garden to thank my dad for taking me swimming


had a decent meal tonight…chimichangas, our new favorite grab food. little sour cream, tapatio sauce…delicious.
feel good about helping my neighbor yesterday.
see family tonight…can’t wait.


Made banana muffins for my boyfriend and his friend.

Donated some coffee to the local pantry.

Drove my boyfriend to bus station but got to spend the morning with him and am very blessed and happy that he is my man.

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Went for a 40 min walk and felt the endorphins

Did the dishes

Am absolutely loving the human biology book I scored


Got some good sleep.

Took rubbish out .


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Stewed, bottled and ate some plums which tasted yumm and reminded me of my late grandma’s cooking

Have enjoyed being lazy today

There are breaks in the voices

Walked half a hour.

Went to Post Office.

Had a coffee :coffee:.

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Started differential calculus, the differentials side

Have started the emissivity of materials problem set

Cooked and ate. But i did also order which im annoyed with. But alas. Cant be perfect

And one more. Because its cheeky. I played a new game i bought!

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