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I have a working air-conditioner.

My cats are still affectionate, despite their old old age.

I’m excited for the fall and winter.


I attended my mentL health charity

Attended a clubhouse europe board meeting

Won a good game of poker with 5 others and 3 were bots :slight_smile:

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Got my car fixed by a professional.:love_you_gesture:t4::tada::pray:t4:

Chatted with my boyfriend/partner.:two_hearts:

Got some sleep.:pray:t4:


I slept pretty deeply and that lowered my inflammation from being sick so my arthritis pain feels better.

My brother wrote me a nice message.

My new lady friend seems to be very kind towards me and not pushy at all.


I studied several modules of Spanish this morning.

I’m really enjoying the new Lavazza coffee.

My sister is on her way to Greece.


made BLT’s for dinner yesterday.
had a good time with wife playing guitar and singing in the morning.
All the bills are paid and it’s ok this month.


The weather has been beautiful.
I have money in the bank.
I’m finding a little hope to stay with.


• having a dry home

• having something healthy to eat

• did the laundry


Had a successful first appointment with a new therapist.

Folded my laundry.

Took a shower.

And a bonus 4th item - is also the weather is a typical Autumn nice weather day.


Got a phone call from loved one and hopefully I’ll have a nice dinner.

My partner and I chatted and he is going to quit smoking.

Went for a little walk and my dog loved his breakfast.


I opened a business checking account for my micro business. They were really nice to me.

I got a really nice classical music CD for $1 of Yoyo ma playing a Bach Sonata with harpsichord. I used to listen to a lot of Baroque music in college at the music library.

I need a bag of salad but otherwise should have enough food for at least another week or two


My partner arrived and we are together with my dog.:slightly_smiling_face::tada::pray:t4::heart:

We walked a little and had breakfast.

Nice sausage’s for dinner.

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  • I attended a special zoom meeting with over 100 participants and it went pretty good.
  • The boss of my mental health charity & i washed & dried the dishes and chatted about a few things that needed cleared up then we attended the main weekly meeting and i spoke at that too.
  • I chatted to a new member after the meeting and she is extremely nice and well spoken, i ended up giving her a lift home.

summary, its been a good productive day and i have a lot of fresh ideas for the future, i enjoyed everything about today and my Sister was was given the all clear for Cancer after she had some tests done.


I went to a shopping centre plaza with my boyfriend and didn’t freak out.:tada:

Got new sheets .:two_hearts:

With boyfriend and dog.:two_hearts:and got nicd text.


3 Psitives for today:

  1. Cleaned the kitchen, did the laundry

Took some tobacco leaves and put them on a line outside, hang 2 lines in the kitchen to dry finally

  1. Washed myself, did exercises

Before opening the thread I thought its people listing their positive symptoms :joy:


lol, no, its just a few short positive things from ur day maybe a little more or a little less, not positive symptoms

  • I didn’t sleep last night & today i visited another city and spent time with a nice girl at the museum & we exchanged phone numbers.

  • Later i had a meal with my Neighbour and tried to help her figure something out about her bf who is not treating her right.

Summary: I spent a lot of time with this really cool girl yesterday & today and i am hoping for the best.


I was feeling a little down so I went to a bar and played pinball. I also went to a park and sang on my Smule app.

I had a salad for dinner today that was pretty good

Traffic was pretty light despite the better weather and it being Friday


My boyfriend got a dr visit and medication and managed to eat a little.

My loved one and I had breakfast.:two_hearts::slightly_smiling_face:

Had a nice chat with my neighbor and had a shower.

  1. Today I am going to a wedding… together with my ex. Not so ex anymore, probably. :smile:

  2. I drank a natural grapefruit juice. We buy some grapefruit and then we press with a juicer at home.:lemon:and we add some lemons to it. Vitamin bomb

  3. I had a very nice rest tonight.

  4. Aaand yesterday I started fighting one of my longest delusions!