3 Postives #5

To create change In the universe

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To experience joy in the world filled with form

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Washed my hair and got a phone call.

Read a few pages.


Got the wood in and kept the fire going.
Sam is happy and well fed.
Got my delivery two days early.

  1. I wrapped a few presents.
  2. I cleaned up a little in my room.
  3. I am re-working my budget, which is fun and thought-provoking.

Had a nice lunch with my boyfriend.

Got some groceries and one item was a bargain and on special.

My dog is still alive.:two_hearts:he is old and doesn’t want to walk much anymore.and my boyfriend is visiting.
And I got a phone call.
My internet is spied on by but I don’t care that much.my “family” monitor what I do and my phone tells me but hopyill get better internet with privacy in the future.

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Spending thanksgiving with my bf

Met some of his family, they are all really nice

Grateful that i met him


Had a walk with occupational therapist and got some toiletries

Had McDonald’s with Dad

Visited mum in the home

  • I Went to my Radio Station & helped out, an important show with a well known actor needed some editing work.
  • I drove to my mental health charity & brought up something to the main weekly meeting about buying/Selling items in house.
  • Came home & had a frappe with my neighbour then picked up some stickers for my journal.
  • I bought a few Christmas presents.
  • I updated my journal

to do-

  • Record a 1hr radio show
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Cleaned up a bit.
My dog is healthy and getting close to 2 years old.
I had lots of great birthday wishes.


Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

My sister was very nice.

Everyone got along and talked and socialized.

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Nice thanksgiving celebrations

I rearranged my bedroom, donated a bunch of stuff and now it is much more functional and comfy.

My brother put up the Xmas tree and it was nice seeing some childhood ornaments

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I still think its a bit early to put the tree up but glad you got some things done :slight_smile:


Got wonderful sleep last night and woke up early. 645 am.

Got a wonderful cup of hot, decaf coffee.

I weighed myself and I lost almost 2 lbs. from yesterday. I’m down to 160.4 lbs. I’m 5’-8.5"


Slept like a baby

Had a pizza

Enjoying tobacco


Oh, good. I could use more positivity today.

  1. I have a place to live.
  2. I have food (though inflation is making this expensive!).
  3. My level of insight is good, so I’ve got the mental faculties to take care of myself and do my hobbies.

Its been a good day i think :slight_smile:

  • I had coffee with my neighbour & Bought a stylish cream elastic Belt thing for my Sisters Christmas.
  • My drums arrived and i unboxed them and partially assembled them (i need help to put the frame together & attach the drums/cymbals) etc, My neighbours socks came as well.
  • I went to a Gig tonight & enjoyed it, the venue was perfect for me.

It’s only 11.50 am but here goes::slightly_smiling_face:

I have a place to live with bed to sleep in and I have nice food and drink ,car, dog , boyfriend etc

My boyfriend and dog are with me.:two_hearts:

Showered and washed my hair.


I`m in good health

I have all my teeth lol

My birthdays coming up


Having all one’s teeth is a good one.

My x doesn’t have any teeth but he had dentures.
My current boyfriend has no teeth but he doesn’t even have dentures.he just chews with his gums.

Thankfully I have my teeth too.:partying_face::slightly_smiling_face: