3 positives


Hahaha :joy: Can I help?

  1. Woke up
  2. Showered
  3. Went to work


Woke up feeling well rested.

Went to the gym, walked for 20 mins fast paced and then sprinted, then lifted weights.

Came home, took a cold shower, cleaned up, put on some nice clothes and was smelling good.

Drank some tea.

Went to work. Today is payday.


Went to yoga and did yoga

Went to my understanding and lovely gp and told her about my plans to move away from my boyfriend and the dogs etc
It feels so good to feel I have her support and it felt good to tell her about it.

Started the day by helping my boyfriend get to sleep :zzz:.
I scratched his head.
He is so precious and I love :two_hearts: him but for several reasons I am leaving him.
Hope we can remain friends.
But it’s a positive that I could help him with that specially now he has had a family grief and loss.

  • visited my friend who is sick and let the nurses in
  • went to my clubhouse and did loads of dishes and then attended a french class
  • had pepperoni pizza

  1. I went to a huge conference yesterday and I survived!! Yes I heard stuff but I was able to block it out and did not have to leave or go hide somewhere.
  2. I am sick of bring overweight so I am trying a new diet supplement that targets insulin resistance. I have been taking it for about a week and a half and have lost eight pounds!! I am not sure if it will keep working but I am going to keep taking it for now.
  3. I have my drop in group tomorrow. We are doing paper mache. I am making a daruma doll. I am really looking forward to painting it and embellishing it.

  1. My kids
  2. My kids
  3. Hockey game tonight


I didn’t have a psychotic episode
I didn’t commit suicide today
And I didn’t eat that last oreo


I went to the gym :metal:t5:
After perhaps months of absence I went.

I told my sacred neigh to hang in there because she has something to look forward to such as she will graze green grass again is the plan for her future.
I gave her bread and hope she will be happier whenand where I move her in a couple or few months.

I am getting the heels of my shoes fixed by a shoemaker.
I bought the shoes for $3 at a second hand shop but the heel broke.
It will cost around $25 but they are comfortable and have a little heel.
These guys or guy make their own shoes too.hand crafted in a little country town shoe shop.
And it’s a nice day and there’s more positives too but there are three.:slightly_smiling_face:


I am filling out an application with my social worker this week for a consumer survivor-run cleaning business.
I am almost finished crocheting a huge tote bag.
I am spending the day with my mom.


I went for volunteering an decided to give it a break after today’s session for the sake of my health
I ate some NICE stuff…vegan tofu cheesecake it was good mann
bought fingerless gloves…lost my other ones

  • i saw my friend who is ill
  • attended my clubhouse, co-chaired a meeting
  • had a spicy kebab and now drinking milk

  1. I was productive at work today.
  2. I had some lavender & chamomile tea.
  3. I didn’t miss the train even though I woke up late.


Went to the gym​:metal:t5::tada:
Well needed after probably months of not going and after putting on 2kg after cake I ate.

Had nice food n drink n saw my sacred neigh have nice food.

Sewed a hole in a sock where my toe was sticking out.


It’s too early to say for today, but for yesterday and last night:

  1. Work was tolerable and I made it through my shift.
  2. Got my weekly pay at the end of my shift, so I have a little money again.
  3. I had good food (leftover chili mac) to eat for my lunch at work, didn’t have to settle for cup-o-ramen.


Completed an assessment for my autistic daughter to get services from a county organization.

Had lunch with hubby.



Looks like I’m gonna make it to be 43 tomorrow.
Made a healthy vegetable dish for dinner. It was corn and zucchini. Going shopping with my mom tomorrow and going out to dinner.


Washed my bedding
Made a quiet complaint that there’s too much drama in our house.
Am tackling the problem of lost vs. lost.

  • visited my friend who is ill
  • had coffee
  • went on a group meetup to the museum and listened to the Huge Organ
  • Went to clubhouse and left my phone
  • made a nice meal
  • went out for a drink with a friend
  • been on twitter trying to get my stats up lol

sorry i know its over 3 but who cares lol


Lunged even though I suck at it something is something.

Watched MKR

Had nice food n bought weight watchers coconut delight before I go vegan n I bought mineral water to have tomorrow.