3 positives


Thanks. Im having a hard time. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • My treatment team made time for me suddenly to check up on me and see what they could do. And to see whether i needed a ward. They thought not. I feel sad and guilty, but not out of control. I think they are kind and involved.
  • I played with my son and am at my parents place now.
  • My friend offered that i could sleep there if i felt sad or anxious in the evening.

  1. Awesome homemade Chicken Salad Sandwich for lunch.
  2. RT 25/28 :white_check_mark: posterior is finished, just 3 more anterior.
  3. CT scan was good, continue stretching and strengthening. Walked 20 minutes and got groceries.

  1. I find this thread so helpful that i started my own gratitude/positive selfesteem log in a nice little journaling book that my brother and sister in law gave me.

  1. Went for a ride and coffee with my mental health worker
  2. My adult daughter came for a visit. It was awesome to see her and I know the younger two kids were really happy to see her too
  3. Watching a hockey game


I am really happy this moment in time.

(Despite that I got dirty hateful looks from some people when I was buying lactose free milk and yoghurt.(my gp put me on a one month lactos gluten-free diet)and despite that I had s fight with my boyfriend this morning because his friend got coffee and balaclava for him and not for me despite that we are both here …ten my bf said I can move out but I don’t believe he ment it plus I have no friends n family around n can’t afford it plus it’s such a living peaceful home in so many ways and his dogs are my other babies that I adore.

I was on the treatmill a whole hour.

I slept well and love :two_hearts: a lot​:metal:t5::two_hearts::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::slightly_smiling_face::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I have s great partner

The dogs wagged their tail when I cuddled them

I have a great sacred neigh n we were in a minature cyclone.
I led her to her shelter but thought I might blow away but I didn’t n I didn’t get scared but almost…:slightly_smiling_face:


I sat under my full spectrum bulb today and it made me much happier

I accomplished a lot at work today

I have a fancy holiday party tomorrow, and I bought a new suit for the occasion!

  1. Had second one-hour session with my parents reviewing “The Complete Family Guide to Schizophrenia”. It was productive.

  2. Had an uninterrupted 15-hour sleep last night.

  3. My dog is less afraid of the vacuum!

  1. Made homemade veggie soup.
  2. Went for a walk.
  3. Saw my grandparents and mum today.



yesterday positives

  • i took my mum shopping and did some of my own at the same time
  • i helped untangle xmas lights and decorate my clubhouse
  • my gf came over and we cuddled


  • I was exhausted after the shopping
  • i still have chores to do
  • i had to cancel an outing with my mum and a wild swim (Saturday)

  • I bought breakfast for tomorrow for the first time in ages and picked up a package with my new wintercoat and new dress.
  • I visited friends, gave them a birthday present and had dinner with them. They are refugees from the Middle East so their food is always interesting and different.
  • I visited an acquaintance and brought her flowers.

Summary: I ignored my feelings of depression and was active and social.


I had a very relaxing day today
I watched a few good movies
I had ham and pineapple pizza for lunch

  1. Made green juice;
  2. Watched 30 minutes of an online course;
  3. Had a nice nap during the afternoon.


Beach is beautiful today
Will have a nice breakfast
Footballs on today

  1. I had a decent shift at work.
  2. It didn’t snow.
  3. I went all night without buying any cigarettes, just puffed on my cheap little vape.

  • Called the crisisline again. The lady calmed me. She said it was okay to make mistakes, that breaking a bad habit or learning how to set boundaries was like learning to ride a bike. I needed to practice and fall a few times, and now i seem to have mastered it. And that God is loving, isnt angry at me for failing a few times first. That i might ask him for help not to have such scary nightmares and thoughts. I try to see it that way.
  • I went to see my son. I feel i am doing the responsible thing to not let him stay with me in this state, but give him attention in other ways.
  • My son is happy, he is looking forward to his birthday.

  1. Yesterday made pancakes and froze them for breakfasts. Today I made egg and sausage cups with bisquick. They smell divine!
  2. Talked with my MOH, chatted it up for a bit.
  3. Worked on a draft of a Christmas letter instead of doing cards.

  1. Listened to some of my gaming podcasts
  2. Got some good Chinese food
  3. In a really good mood as I had a pretty good weekend. I saw one of my high school friends on Friday. We went to Chili’s.

  1. Did a lot of tasks.
  2. Had a nice conversation with a beautiful girl on Happn;
  3. Watched The Last of Mohicans, wonderful movie with wonderful soundtrack.