3 positives


Put laundry on.
Put out clothes for my disabled daughter.
Made a good dinner.

  • I attended a group at my clubhouse discussing an upcoming visit from mental health minister
  • I wrote an article at my clubhouse about my wild swim fundraiser
  • I played my ps4 a bit and listening to music

  1. Wearing my favorite blue shirt again
  2. Practiced my flute and french horn
  3. My migraine is starting to get better!

  1. I had a real good conversation with one of our peer support specialists. I do think/hope he felt heard and helped by the conversation. I felt happy talking to him like that.
  2. I had a conversation with my nurse. After all those years they are finally looking into my hormonal issues/hellish psychotic pms.
  3. It is sinterklaas evening here, which is out local festivity and means family, presents, sweets and a really happy and excited kid.



  • i rang Christmas jingle bells along with a small orchestra
  • I co-chaired my clubhouse meeting
  • I updated my fundraiser and social media


  • weather wasn’t great
  • i forgot to pay parking meter
  • chores are building up


Made 2 meat chili
Cut my son’s hair
Took 3rd shower for the week!

  1. I got a few stocking stuffers.
  2. I binge watched “The Final Table” and enjoyed it. No clue what to watch next.
  3. Supper turned out well and the kids really liked it.


Had a refreshing 3-hour nap after this morning’s ER visit.

I feel reassured by my God that I am permitted to rest and only do gentle work.

I really enjoyed watching George H.W. Bush’s memorial service, because of the unity it expressed, even if not everyone in the room was comfortable.

  1. I came.
  2. I saw.
  3. I conquered.

-Donald Duck

  1. I sat in on a lecture and a lab, which was enjoyable.
  2. I had Taco Bell for lunch.
  3. I had a good, easy night of teaching. One more week, then I’m off for three weeks. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be working 3-4 nights/week at the gas station during that time, though.

@ZombieMombie what were the two meats in your chili? I’m guessing ground beef and ground pork.

  1. I believe I have spirit friends but our bodies do not hang out but they are not imaginary friends they are real.
    The funniest I know is a spirit friend I have not felt for a while .i miss my spirit friends.
    Spirit friends please know you are missed and loved by me.
    Thank you for your existence.:pray:t3::two_hearts:

2). I had a dip in our plastic pool and it was short but nice.its a hot day here today so we are staying indoors.

  1. I love my loved ones.i got gym clothes from my sister and they are size small but I managed to squeeze into the tights.they are tight tights but they fit.its good also because we only wash once a week and I only owned one pair so I would wear them dirty but now I have can change and wear clean clothes.


I had my biweekly one-on-one therapy session.

Talked to my sister and NA Sponsor about feeling bad because I’m gay.

I swept the floor, took the trash out, and tidied my apartment.

  1. Got some much needed sleep
  2. I’m alive
  3. Going to see my old friends in a few days

  • Called a friend.
  • Had lunch in town.
  • Spoke to a crisis helpline, where a kind lady spoke to me for ages and gave me a tiny spark of hope. I hope i can cling to it for a bit.



  • I trimmed my hair and beard then showered ( 430am )
  • Took my friend out to the clubhouse early and had a bacon roll before the minister for mental health arrived, she was very nice and went around the tables talking and listening to folk, i complimented her dress and she explained that they wear bright colours to get noticed more, i then introduced my friend who was a new member and talked about my fundraiser, i’d have liked to have talked more about what the clubhouse means to me but i think other tables got that message across :slight_smile: i then sent her a tweet thanking her and she retweeted it which was nice of her.
  • updated social media, texted gf, then met a friend for pizza.


  • didnt sleep well, was tired all morning, came home early and tried to sleep
  • I got very low but luckily my gf cheered me up on the phone
  • my eyes have been very blurry and i thought i was getting sick.


hope youre doing okay nor marian. Life can get tough sometimes but look to that horizon. <3

  1. I’m making one of my favorite foods.
  2. My dad charged my car battery.
  3. Mood wise I’m feeling good.


  1. I drove the kids to school
  2. I picked up the kids up after school
  3. I fed the kids

Was not a stellar day but I’m trying.


I got news that I’ll have help getting a few presents for the kids.

I took a long nap.

I will be going to bed early.


Woke up feeling well rested.

Went to the gym and walked and sprinted for 20 mins and then lifted weights. Felt exhausted afterwards.

Came home ate some fruit, took a warm shower and put on some nice clothes and was smelling good.

Watched Bram Stokers - Dracula.

Went to work and ate some good food.