3 positives


Went meat shopping today and got that out of the way.

Had a good day with the kids.

Was able to not take tramadol until 3:30. Working on killing the physical dependence.


guys keep up the good work :slight_smile:

lets keep these positives going and hopefully build on them :+1:



My therapist was thrilled her idea has been so well received.


Yes, it is real good! Thanks for starting the thread here. I notice i find it hard at times to be positive, depending on where the mood fluctuations are, but when i try it does help to see things in a more positive light.

  1. Got the dishes done
  2. Making a decent supper
  3. Jets hockey game tonight. Go jets go

  1. Feeling better since upping my blood pressure med.
  2. Lost 3 pounds
  3. Watching football with my dad.


I had a good conversation with one of my friends. I was able to open up to him about some weird things on my mind. He took it well.

I finalized plans for my birthday lunch with my sister. I’m excited to see her and my nephew.

I paid for dinner for me and my mom.

  1. Got an air fryer from Amazon (an appliance that cooks food with air, and if there’s oil on the food it gets fried)

  2. Tested the air fryer, made the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve ever had (so crispy with not much oil!)

  3. Nice sunny weather today (but cold)

  1. I spent a whole hour at the gym :metal:t5::tada:.

2). I got to hang out with my sacred neigh at least a few minutes and cuddle her.

  1. I think I might vote liberal because my father said they are the only party that will not put Australia in debt but instead make money and help environment etc but my mum said I should vote for the greens but although there heart may be in the right place they seem to have made decisions that lost money and damaged the father is a vegan and a nature and animal lover but has always voted liberal.but I was going to swing left but I might vote the same as my father.Darned if I know .i feel torn but deeper inside me I know where my vote is but I can not assess that level of consciousness.

I think it is a beautiful society in so many ways.
I appreciate that I got my pension and that some backed off because it helps a lot.
I know myself…
I am trying to improve myself inside and out and might even volunteer at meals on wheels for a hour if they say yes to that and if I am well enough.

  1. It might be a weird thing to celebrate and tmi but my period finally started so hopefully my mood will brighten up the next three weeks. Hurray.
  2. My friends daughter is depressed, but a little better now and they had a nice weekend.
  3. My son had soccer training and always has loads of fun with it.

  1. Got a little further in God of War
  2. Meditated
  3. I got plenty of sleep

  • Did what I could to make my car and bathroom much cleaner

  • I have a good feeling about my car working properly which I was stressing about. Tomorrow it has safety and emissions test. I drove it around the block a few times. I didn’t even expect it to start in the first place

  • this thread


Quit smoking for awhile now.
Getting healthy.
Feeling good.


I smiled at an E.T.
Made wagnums
Smished sum whisps.

Yeah. You’re right. No positives today.

  • went to a conference/agm
  • visited the Wallace monument
  • I made spaghetti bolognese for dinner

  1. Went to a long work meeting despite feeling unwell.
  2. Bought a nice present for my son.
  3. Spoke to my nurse. I feel so guilty, but i had a real good conversation with my nurse about this on the phone. We will meet tomorrow.


Pretty good day.

I bought some Coke
Received a fountain pen set
Talked to my grandma


Woke up a little early and felt well rested.

Drank some apple cider vinegar, a liter of water and went to the gym.

Donated some toys to the toys for tots box at the gym.

Walked for 23 minutes fast paced and then lifted some weights.

Came home took a cold shower, cleaned up, put on some nice clothes, was smelling good.

Made a big cup of coffee.

Meditated for 20 mins.

Watched a movie for a little bit.

Went to work.


love this day

  1. singed from my soul
  2. danced as if i’m in love
  3. talked freely to people

love love love this day

  • car passed safety and emissions
  • memory is slowly improving
  • I finally won’t have to take pills besides as needed anxiety and sleep pills. Just a monthly injection