3 positives

  • Good meeting at work, got new ideas and compliments.
  • I feel depressed, sinful, guilty. I manage to kind of endure it though and wait til it passes. I think it has to do with pms. Read some good positive articles. I dont seem to spiral into stupid action, which is good. Hm…this didnt turn out very positive sounding, but i am kind of happy i can feel depressed without needing a ward or meds or self-destructive action.
  • Slept in the afternoon - good way to pass time of you feel sad.

  • I can’t say I didn’t try to have a productive day. Although not much got done I feel I put in a solid effort

  • Hanging out with my Dad tonight and hope to improve our relationship

  • had some good sushi just now.

  1. I discovered “Tapping” (, which is a technique that uses acupressure points and positive affirmations to get a person past emotional responses that keep them from doing what they should, like making friends or going to work. Also helps with pain management! The book on it has a solid 5-star rating after 215 reviews; people really find it effective.

  2. Sold a MacBook Pro, finally

  3. Did Christmas shopping


I slept well and woke up well

I pulled a few hand fulls of weed from the garden bed and it’s a gorgeouzzz day.

I have loved ones.
Some of my clocest I have not felt for a while.
We hang out in spirit and we laugh together and play in spirit.
I miss them my spirit friends.
We do not hang out with our bodies though so I can not say they are my friends but they are and it’s not a delusion to me and it’s not “pretend friends” to me.

  1. Did my bloodwork and got my son to his dentist appt
  2. Went for coffee with my cousin
  3. When I got home my kids were here.
    Now I’m watching Iron Chef

  1. I had a good night of teaching.
  2. I had uneventful commutes to and from campus.
  3. I have food to eat and a roof over my head.


I finally finished an assignment that I’ve put off forever.
My mom got paid today, so I ate good :stuck_out_tongue:
I crocheted a little bit, my blanket is almost done.

  1. Went to my parents place for lunch with my sis in law. It was good to be there
  2. Ì found a good home for Nova. I’m broken hearted but i have no choice
  3. Tonight hockey is on. Go jets go


Woke up not feeling well rested because of sleep problems I’m having but still got out of bed.

Went to the gym, walked for a little bit and warmed up then lifted some weights.

Came home took a shower, cleaned up, put on some nice clothes and was also smelling good.

Went to McDonalds, had a small coffee and listened to a lecture about Benjamin Franklins life.

Went to work and ate some good food.

  1. Had the day off.
  2. Didn’t have to go anywhere.
  3. Finished my teaching sample PowerPoint for tomorrow’s interview.


1)went to the gym

  1. visited my sacred neigh and rode her bareback around the paddock once because I lost confidence so I nolonger take her out of the paddock.i felt we communicated well and I told her I love her and miss her.

  2. I heard a town in Queensland was saved .Anastasia palacey said so in a good manner she held her speech to people and no one died they were all evakuated.
    A few weeks ago I thought I would vote liberal because my father said I should not be aloud to vote and that any other government would put Australia in debt.
    But my mum said to vote greens and I thought I am against being in debt but some people can pull that off say if you have a great idea take a loan to fulfill it and make so much you easily n quickly pay back and make a huge might be risky though.
    I think I will swing more left .

Anyway I got tears in my eyes to hear the town was saved because I was praying for them (but I am not religious)

My man is a firefighter and interstate firemen volunteers are being flown to help out…he might go.


why is this topic in the lounge?

  • had coffee

  • went to interview

  • had coffee again

  • pork chops for tea lol (making them soon)

  • possible swimming session :slight_smile:

  1. Woke up, had coffee.
  2. Went to counseling appointment.
  3. RT 20/28 done!
  4. Home and had coffee again.

  1. had a long good sleep :zzz:.went to bed around ten and woke up around 9.30 I feel I needed the long good sleep :zzz:.

  2. my boyfriend woke me up with coffee in bed.

  3. I had a 70% chockolate square with my coffee.and yoghurt with my morning latuda and one of the dogs was happy to see me up n about.the big baby.:two_hearts:.i love them all but she is the one who is with me the most and is most affectionate with me and I am a very affectionate person.(maybe not with everyone…)


This was a struggle today to come up with three positives.

  1. Leftover BLTs for breakfast!
  2. Got paperwork ready for Monday. Glad that is almost over with. Just need some signatures and we’re set.
  3. Walked 25 minutes on treadmill


I just woke up, so it’s too early to say for today, but yesterday:

  1. I had a good interview for a teaching job, and I was offered the job.
  2. I had an uneventful night at the gas station.
  3. I got paid my gas station pay, so I was able to pay my rent.

  • Ate pancakes with my son.
  • Wrote an opinion article on a subject i find important, which might be placed in a good quality national newspaper. I am terrified, but excited. Still have to decide whether i dare to give my go. It has been checked by my contact person already.
  • Yesterday i was terribly psychotic and depressed. Today i feel slightly better.
  • I put the garbage outside.

  • I did my very first wild Loch swim
  • I had coffee with friends
  • I visited my mum and sister


Well, three positives from yesterday:

  1. I had a decent shift at the gas station.
  2. I bought a Blu vape kit, and it’s actually not bad. We’re selling the starter kits for $1 each, and they each come with one pod, so I bought three of them, getting more than my money’s worth.
  3. No customers gave me any ■■■■ last night. There’s one lottery customer who came in last night who always gives me ■■■■, but he does it in a friendly, funny way. He’s an older guy, probably a retiree; he’s quite a character.

  • I had a major clash with my mum, but we spoke well after. I realised how depression makes some negative/traumatic memories sometimes too big in my mind, both of my own mistakes and others painful actions, which helped put things back in context. I am glad we spoke and reconnected. We do love each other, despite our issues.
  • I was creative with my son.
  • I (hopefully) get my period soon and hope to quit feeling depressed then.